Comcast Ending ‘Xfinity On Demand’ Access for TiVo Users

Comcast Cable reportedly is set to end access to its “Xfinity On Demand” app for TiVo devices, effective June 25.

In an email to subscribers — first reported by tech blogger Dave Zatz — Comcast said “out of date [TiVo] technology that cannot be upgraded or updated” was the reason for pending non-access.

Comcast said the shutdown would not affect recorded programming, and access to Xfinity Stream would still be available on Apple iOS, Android Xfinity apps and Xfinity website.

“VOD is also available on TiVo through Hulu, Amazon Prime Video and Vudu apps,” read the message.

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The pending shutdown comes as TiVo and Comcast remain embroiled in tech royalty disputes. The DVR pioneer in April appealed to International Trade Commission and filed litigation against Comcast alleging patent infringement on technology related to streaming video and cloud-based DVR.

TiVo, which is splitting into two separate companies focusing on patents and hardware, in 2017 received ITC backing for a complaint involving remote time-shifting functionality on Comcast’s X1 set-top devices.

It filed litigation against Comcast in April in U.S. District Court in California.

“We believe Comcast’s Xfinity X1 continues to infringe Rovi’s cloud and multi-room DVR patents – a vital component of home entertainment,” Arvin Patel, EVP and CIPO at Rovi,” said in a statement.

Rovi, which acquired TiVo in 2016 for $1.1 billion and assumed the latter’s brand name for the merged companies, claims to have invested over a billion dollars into its patent portfolio and products.

“We are extremely proud of our patent portfolio of over 1,000 issued patents in the US.,” Patel said.

Comcast, which launched much of its cloud-based X1 features via TiVo technology, claims it has developed its own tech and that most TiVo patents in question are outdated.

4 thoughts on “Comcast Ending ‘Xfinity On Demand’ Access for TiVo Users”

  1. Can’t really blame Comcast. after Tivo sued for patent infringement and won. Now none of us can remotely change recordings or schedule them. I’d never do business with Tivo based on that alone. It really screwed me up after I moved.

    1. It was TiVO’s technology first. If you invented something you would like to get paid for it too.

      1. That’s like saying company X invented the internet and sues anyone who provides a way for you to use it other then them. Xfinity is using a cloud based recording of data., heck I can use a number of software apps to record whats on my screen right now – Can tivo use me too.

    2. Agreed – instead of tivo just making something cheap that “every” household can afford and use without an on-going subscription, they choose to sue anyone who “can record something that has yet to air on tv” I blame the patent office bozo’s too – its like if T Edison had a patent on light in a room. My GOD!!!

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