Comcast Bows YouTube 4K Videos on Xfinity X1

Comcast Cable has begun enabling Xfinity X1 subscribers to stream 4K video content on a compatible HDTV in their home.

Following recent direct-access 4K agreements with Netflix and Amazon Prime Video, Google-owned YouTube offers more than 400 hours of original and third-party content uploaded every minute across different formats, with the social video pioneer among the most popular voice commands among subscribers.

YouTube 4K content includes largely scenic nature videos, movie and video game trailers and gaming content. Availability via broadband on X1 marks a significant step in Comcast Cable’s strategy to expand 4K programming choices for subs.

Subs with an X1 voice remote can say “4K videos on YouTube” to launch the library of 4K content available on the YouTube app or they can navigate to the YouTube app via the apps menu and enter a search for 4K videos. YouTube 4K content is denoted by a 4K icon below the video title.

“Today’s announcement follows the successful integration of Netflix 4K into X1 and, earlier this month, the launch of Amazon Prime Video, which gives X1 customers access to the growing library of Prime Video programming in 4K Ultra HD and HDR 4K content,” Brynn Lev, senior director, content services, wrote in a post. “Moving forward, we will continue to look for new ways to give our customers access to the highest-quality programming available.”

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