CNBC: Most Americans Stream Video, Use Netflix

The United States is a nation that streams video over the Internet, with more than 50% of streamers using Netflix to view entertainment, according to new data from CNBC’s “All-America Economic Survey.”

In an online poll of 801 adults, CNBC found 57% of respondents use an over-the-top video service, spearheaded by Netflix, Amazon Prime Video (33%), Hulu (14%) and alternative services (2%).

Netflix ended its most-recent fiscal period with 117 million subscribers worldwide, including almost 55 million in the U.S.

A majority of respondents (36%) subscribe to both pay-TV and SVOD, followed by 30% who only use pay-TV, and 20% who are cord-cutters (stream only). Another 12% claimed to use neither, while 2% weren’t sure.

As expected, SVOD use is most-popular among younger demo, with 48% of respondents age 18-34 streaming more than watching linear TV. Among older demo age 50-64, almost 50% said they watch pay-TV more than stream video.


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