Cinedigm Launches All-in-One Streaming Platform Cineverse

Cinedigm Sept. 15 launched its flagship ad-supported streaming service Cineverse ( across iOS, Android and Roku apps. The platform offers a streaming film and television episode library, in addition to existing free ad-supported streaming television (FAST) linear channels AsianCrush, Bloody Disgusting, The Bob Ross Channel, The Country Channel, CONtv, CONtv Anime, Crime Hunters, Docurama, The Dove Channel, The Elvis Presley Channel, Fandor and Screambox.

“With the launch today, we begin an important journey as a company,” Cinedigm CEO Chris McGurk said in a statement. “Our mission is to build the Spotify of independent film and television, with the largest library of film and TV programming in the world.”

Cineverse will focus on several fundamental areas that it claims are ignored by the major streamers.

The platform aims to build the world’s largest film and television library, offering the diversity and variety that it claims viewers are being denied on subscription-based services. Users can access linear channels and on-demand titles in one place, browsing through the genres from anime and horror to sci-fi/fantasy, comedy, music and independent.

The platform plans to add more than 10,000 films and television episodes by the end of the year and several hundred thousand more over the next three years. Cinedigm will launch with entertainment content from its own streaming library provided by more than 600 licensors and expects to expand the licensor pool over the coming year.

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Through the company’s partnership with cloud-based software-as-a-service technology provider Amagi, Cinedigm anticipates adding a broad range of additional curated channels from Amagi, monetized using Amagi’s first-party ad platform, Amagi Ads Plus.

Cineverse says it will lower the frequency of repeat advertisements and through its proprietary Matchpoint software that utilizes AI-based technology to ensure ad breaks that don’t interfere with the user experience by interrupting the flow of a movie or occurring mid-dialog.

The platform will deploy natural language search in the coming months. This will allow users to conversationally interact with Cineverse’s guide through natural speech or text dialogue, the same way one would interact with a human recommender.

Unlike most content search algorithms, Cineverse will focus on helping users find the right content, at the right time, suited for their current device and mood leveraging AI as well as advanced contextual tagging from partners such as Katch and others, according to Cinedigm.

Cinedigm plans on expanding application support for all major connected-TV platforms in the coming months, with Samsung, Amazon Fire TV, Vizio, LG, Apple TV and Android TV apps coming to market over the next quarter. Next-generation search features are currently in development and will debut in the coming months.

Additionally, Cinedigm plans to rapidly expand consumer reach by distributing Cineverse on a white-label basis to hardware OEMs, telecoms, cable providers, theatrical exhibitors and retailers. The company’s distribution team has used this model to grow Cinedigm’s channel business, which is currently available on more than 1.1 billion devices globally. The company will also drive adoption of the service utilizing its 87 million viewer base and app install base across mobile, CTV and social footprints.

“We took a deep look at the market and asked, ‘What can we do to add value and improve fans and users’ experiences?'” said Erick Opeka, president and chief strategy officer of Cinedigm.

Opeka contends that consumers are increasingly frustrated with the chore of finding something to watch. While these precepts are simple, the technology to accomplish them is quite complex, according to Opeka. Leveraging its Matchpoint platform, Cinedigm built a service that can scale to tens of millions of users and mixes curation with next generation search technologies, according to Cinedigm.

“We plan on rolling these innovations out to our entire base of services in the coming weeks and months,” he said.

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