CEO: ViacomCBS Looking to Supersize CBS All Access as Streaming Focus Skyrockets

In just a few years ViacomCBS has gone from owning a kidvid-centric subscription streaming video service (Noggin) to operating AVOD juggernaut Pluto TV, CBS All Access and Showtime OTT, among others.

Speaking from home on the Credit Suisse Virtual Communications Confab, CEO Bob Bakish said the media giant, which owns Paramount Pictures, would launch a reboot of All Access in 2021 with 15,000 hours of additional programming — featuring 200 local CBS TV stations, ad-supported “CBSN,” “Sports HQ” and “ET Live.”

All Access will soon stream the National Women’s Soccer League, which could be the first U.S. professional team sport to return from the COVID-19 break.

“We have a good position in the older segment with the current All Access product, but this really brings a lot of young audience to the table,” Bakish said. “We view streaming as a significant growth opportunity.”

CBS All Access and Showtime OTT topped 13.5 million combined subscribers through the most-recent fiscal period (March 31) — with significant signups since during the virus pandemic.

“We view that as a clear indicator of the growth potential of these products,” Bakish said.

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Despite the coronavirus pandemic, Bakish said the company has seen “robust consumption across all our platforms,” including linear TV news stations and “record” streaming on CBSN.

Separately, the executive said PGA Tour’s return to CBS Sports the weekend of June 11-14 at the Charles Schwab Challenge in Dallas/Ft. Worth generated a 50% uptick in TV viewership from the previous-year period. Bakish said the ratings were the highest for a golf event in 15 years.

Comedy Central has also extended “The Daily Show With Trevor Noah” to one hour from the previous 30 minutes.

One thought on “CEO: ViacomCBS Looking to Supersize CBS All Access as Streaming Focus Skyrockets”

  1. Hello, Please forward this to Tom Ryan, CEO. I just signed up and took an hour to Buffer a 22 Min Sitcom. Strange the way Netflix, YouTube, and Prime do such a Great Job of Streaming Management, they lower the Streaming Speed to match People like me who No longer live in LA with the Fastest Internet connections. I am lucky to have my Unlimited Verizon Phone, that I watch Prime, Netflix, YouTube and other streaming services with but, I have the Option to dial down the Stemming Speed.

    Please forward this to Tom Ryan, CEO, overseeing CBS All Access, I think he has global oversight of the company’s streaming strategy? Let him Know, I live at Rural, Lakeside lot in a closed in Valley in Eastern WA. snowed in and thought I could watch some live TV tonight. there is a new show, I saw that show and it tempted me to sign up but in the first hour, I realized CBS has a Weak Streaming protocol that is not working for me in a low Bandwidth rural location. Is this the best CBS can offer? I have always loved CBS andI assume they just Arogently send the Highest Quality Signal as if everyone has access to Rocket Fast internet ? like we live in LA, Not the Case. I find it shocking that they would not offer Multiple Stream paths at Lowest to the Fastest Streaming Rates? I think it was back in 2002 and was it Brighthouse, who offered way back then, I think, I read in Broadcasting And Cable News that they had an Auto determination of a Users Stream and Served them the Speed that would not buffer.

    Please tell him on first use, I think, I will cancel after the 7 day Free trial, Noting that CBS Failed to serve all customers who CBS may See as living in Fly over States. Thank You.
    Valley WA 99181

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