• The Mystery of the Wax Museum

    BLU-RAY REVIEW: Available via Warner Archive; Warner; Horror; $21.99 Blu-ray; Not rated. Stars Lionel Atwill, Fay Wray, Glenda Farrell, Frank McHugh. Forced to choose, I’d say this above-and-beyond restoration by combined heavyweights UCLA Film and Television Archive, the Film Foundation, Warner Entertainment and the George Lucas Family Foundation (pant pant) is even more impressive for … Continue reading “The Mystery of the Wax Museum”

  • You Don’t Nomi

    BLU-RAY REVIEW:  Street Date 7/21/20; RLJ; Documentary: $27.97 DVD, $28.97 Blu-ray; Not rated. In general there are two types of movies that might have documentaries made about them generations after their release — the all-time classics, and the notoriously bad ones that now enjoy a certain cult status. The subject of You Don’t Nomi falls decidedly … Continue reading “You Don’t Nomi”

  • Robert the Bruce

    BLU-RAY REVIEW: Screen Media; Drama; $24.98 DVD, $29.98 Blu-ray; Not rated. Stars Angus Macfadyen, Anna Hutchison, Zach McGowan, Gabriel Bateman, Talitha Bateman, Brandon Lessard, Diarmaid Murtagh, Emma Kenney, Patrick Fugit, Jared Harris, Nick Farnell, Shane Coffey, Melora Walters. The historical drama Robert the Bruce seems like what the result would be if Braveheart were made … Continue reading “Robert the Bruce”

  • Days of Thunder

    BLU-RAY REVIEW: Paramount; Drama; $29.99 Blu-ray, $29.99 UHD BD; Rated ‘PG-13.’ Stars Tom Cruise, Robert Duvall, Randy Quaid, Nicole Kidman, Michael Rooker, Cary Elwes, John C. Reilly, Fred Dalton Thompson. Almost immediately upon its release in 1990, Days of Thunder was labeled by critics as a car racing version of Top Gun, a reputation that … Continue reading “Days of Thunder”

  • Destry Rides Again

    BLU-RAY REVIEW: Criterion; Western; $29.95 DVD, $39.95 Blu-ray; Stars Marlene Dietrich, James Stewart, Brian Donlevy, Jack Carson, Irene Hervey, Charles Winninger. Partly by default and partly because it’s true, 1939’s Destry Rides Again is, as the great Imogen Sara Smith says in her interview on Criterion’s new release of what’s likely the most respected film from director … Continue reading “Destry Rides Again”

  • The Hunt

    BLU-RAY REVIEW: Universal; Thriller; Box Office $5.81 million; $29.98 DVD, $34.98 Blu-ray; Rated ‘R’ for some strong bloody violence and language throughout. Stars Betty Gilpin, Hilary Swank, Ike Barinholtz, Glenn Howerton, Emma Roberts, Ethan Suplee, Amy Madigan, Reed Birney, Justin Hartley. While conceived as a political allegory, The Hunt works just fine on its own … Continue reading “The Hunt”

  • Top Gun

    BLU-RAY REVIEW: Paramount; Action; $14.99 Blu-ray, $22.99 UHD BD; Rated ‘PG.’ Stars Tom Cruise, Kelly McGillis, Val Kilmer, Anthony Edwards, Tom Skerritt, Michael Ironside, Rick Rossovich, James Tolkan, Tim Robbins, Meg Ryan. The new Blu-ray editions of 1986’s Top Gun were clearly timed to coincide with what would have been the theatrical release of the … Continue reading “Top Gun”

  • Escape From L.A. — Collector’s Edition

    BLU-RAY REVIEW: Shout! Factory; Action; $34.93 Blu-ray; Rated ‘R’ for violence and some language. Stars Kurt Russell, Steve Buscemi, Stacy Keach, Cliff Robertson, Peter Fonda, Pam Grier, Bruce Campbell, Valeria Golino, Georges Corraface, Michelle Forbes, A.J. Langer, Peter Jason. Nowadays, a character such as Kurt Russell’s Snake Plissken would be tagged for franchise potential and, … Continue reading “Escape From L.A. — Collector’s Edition”

  • Creepshow: Season 1

    BLU-RAY REVIEW: RLJ/Shudder; Horror; $34.98 DVD, $34.98 Blu-ray; Not rated. Stars Tobin Bell, Adrienne Barbeau, Giancarlo Esposito, Cailey Fleming, Jeffrey Combs, DJ Qualls, Bruce Davison, David Arquette, Dana Gould, Tricia Helfer, Scott Mescudi. This original series of the Shudder streaming service continues the tradition of anthology horror established in the 1982 movie Creepshow directed by … Continue reading “Creepshow: Season 1”

  • The Invisible Man (2020)

    BLU-RAY REVIEW: Universal; Horror; Box Office $64.91 million; $29.98 DVD, $34.98 Blu-ray, $44.98 UHD BD; Rated ‘R’ for some strong bloody violence and language. Stars Elisabeth Moss, Aldis Hodge, Storm Reid, Harriet Dyer, Michael Dorman, Oliver Jackson-Cohen. Writer-director Leigh Whannell’s new version of The Invisible Man is a masterfully crafted example of using a relatively … Continue reading “The Invisible Man (2020)”