‘The Carol Burnett Show’ Headed for Pluto TV

Shout! Factory TV on Sept. 1 announced the launch of “The Carol Burnett Show” channel on Pluto TV, a free ad-supported television streaming service.

The 24/7 linear channel presents episodes from all 11 seasons and can be viewed on Channel 516 in Pluto TV’s newly-launched Classic TV section, available on all leading digital streaming devices and services, as well as major smart TVs and gaming consoles.

Additionally, fans looking to stream content on demand can stream episodes on Pluto TV and Shout! Factory TV.

Many of the episodes included in the linear streaming release have been rarely seen since the show’s original broadcast more than 40 years ago. The comedy legend worked with Shout! Factory to find the long-lost masters of these episodes for their on-demand streaming debut on Shout! Factory TV.

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Content ranges from season one’s first “Carol & Sis” sketches, with a teenage Vicki Lawrence playing a character based on Carol Burnett’s real-life sister, and “As The Stomach Turns,” a soap opera parody which ran for all 11 seasons, to the evolution of Tim Conway’s “Oldest Man” character, which he introduced in Season two and performed nearly 20 times over the course of the series.

“I am so thrilled about the launch of the new ‘Carol Burnett Show’ channel on Pluto TV,” said Carol Burnett in a press release. “When the show started in the 1960s, there were only three or four channels to watch and now there are hundreds on Pluto TV alone. I can’t wait for new fans to discover the show and see how the comedy holds up today.”

3 thoughts on “‘The Carol Burnett Show’ Headed for Pluto TV”

  1. The majority of the episodes being offered by Shout Factory are heavily edited, with most — not all, but most — of the musical performances having been deleted, obviously due to the huge and prohibitively expensive cost of music licensing — a problem that has prevented all television variety series from being released in their entirety.

  2. Yes – for me that’s OK. But I can understand that being annoying. I loved the show for the sketches…..not for the musical #’s….but that’s just me.

  3. Way too much content has been slashed for what I can only assume is to have it fit into a thirty minute time slot as opposed to the original hour. The closing credits show actors in costumes never seen. This makes me sad. 😢

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