‘Bill & Ted’ Sequel Tops Redbox On Demand Chart; ‘Mulan’ No. 1 Disc Rental

MGM and Orion Pictures’ Bill & Ted Face the Music took over the top spot on the Redbox On Demand chart the week ended Nov. 15, and debuted at No. 2 on Redbox’s disc rental chart. The sequel is distributed on disc by Warner Bros. Home Entertainment.

The third film in the “Bill & Ted” franchise finds the duo, now middle-aged, struggling to fulfill the prophecy that their music will bring about world peace in the future, causing reality to fracture. Its theatrical run was hampered by the coronavirus pandemic, and while it made $3.4 million in limited theatrical release, it was primarily available over the summer through premium VOD.

Landing at No. 1 on the disc rental chart, which tracks DVD and Blu-ray Disc rentals at the company’s more than 40,000 red kiosks, was Disney’s live-action remake of Mulan. The film, based on the ancient Chinese folklore about a young woman who impersonates a man to serve in the army, also had its theatrical run derailed by COVID-19, and instead was released in the United States as a $29.99 add-on to the Disney+ streaming service, making it available to those who paid for it months earlier than when it would become available to all members. It was released internationally in territories such as China that don’t yet have Disney+, but underperformed with just a $66.8 million international box office gross.

The previous week’s top title on both charts, Lionsgate’s Antebellum, dropped to No. 3 on the disc chart and No. 2 on the On Demand chart, which tracks digital rental transactions.

No. 4 on the disc chart and No. 5 on the digital chart was Redbox’s own Chick Fight, about a woman who joins an underground fight club when her life spirals out of control. It stars Malin Akerman, Bella Thorne and Alec Baldwin.

Also new to the list was Lionsgate’s Mortal, an action-thriller about a psychologically troubled young man who discovers that he has inexplicably inherited the supernatural powers of Thor. It was No. 3 on the On Demand chart and No. 6 on the disc chart.

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Rounding out the top five disc rentals was Redbox’s exclusive An Imperfect Murder. On the digital chart, Universal’s actioner The 2nd was No. 4.

Other newcomers making their way on to the chart include Lionsgate’s Guest House at No. 10 on the disc chart, and Lionsgate’s Unhinged at No. 10 on the digital chart.

Top DVD and Blu-ray Disc Rentals, Redbox Kiosks, Week Ended Nov. 15:

  1. Mulan (2020) — Disney
  2. Bill & Ted Face the Music — Warner/MGM
  3. Antebellum — Lionsgate
  4. Chick Fight — Redbox
  5. An Imperfect Murder — Redbox
  6. Mortal — Lionsgate
  7. Friendsgiving — Lionsgate
  8. The Vanished — Paramount
  9. Ava — Redbox
  10. Guest House — Lionsgate


Top Digital, Redbox On Demand, Week Ended Nov. 15:

  1. Bill & Ted Face the Music — MGM
  2. Antebellum — Lionsgate
  3. Mortal — Lionsgate
  4. The 2nd — Universal
  5. Chick Fight — Redbox
  6. After We Collided — Open Road
  7. Ava — Redbox
  8. The Vanished — Paramount
  9. Friendsgiving — Lionsgate
  10. Unhinged — Lionsgate


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