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Please find the entry form below. Descriptions of categories are offered at the bottom of this page.

You may select more than one category for a title on each form. For a new title, please submit the form and fill out a new entry. You may submit multiple titles through one entry form by selecting the Multiple Submission option and emailing a document listing submissions to jlatchem@mediaplaynews.com.

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The Home Media Awards presented by Media Play News honor the best home video releases of the previous year, as judged by a blue-ribbon panel of industry experts as well as consumers.

The announcement of winners is slated for our April issue. Winners receive an award trophy and are prominently featured in Media Play News, both in print and on our website, and are also publicized through consumer press outreach.

For questions on the submission process or eligibility of titles, contact John Latchem at jlatchem@mediaplaynews.com or 714-485-5047.

Submission Guidelines and Deadlines

Eligible titles for submission will have been released on home video between Jan. 1 and Dec. 31 of the recently concluded year. For the purposes of these awards, a film’s home video release when the digital and disc versions are staggered will be considered to be the disc release (eg, a film with a digital release at the end of the year and a disc release at the beginning of the new year will be eligible for the next year’s awards). Digital release refers to electronic sellthrough, and not through release through a streaming, cable or TV broadcast service.

A panel of judges will choose nominees in each category based on the entire presentation of the work — transfer quality, sound and picture, menu design, ease of use, navigation, packaging and other elements relevant to the title and category.

Unless a category is marked for a specific format, both disc and digital submissions for most categories will be eligible. For titles submitted to multiple categories, the highest-grade disc format should be submitted. For example, Blu-ray can be used to meet requirements for any category, but the UHD category requires a 4K disc. If that 4K disc is a combo pack also containing Blu-ray, then it can be used to meet requirements for other categories as well.

The entry fee is $200 per title, per category (i.e., one title in two categories = $400). At $10,000 studios will be granted unlimited entries.

You will be asked to send at least 5 finished-product copies of each title submitted. If the same title is submitted to multiple categories, an additional 5 copies may be requested. Valid product for judging digital titles will consist of either a digital copy included with a disc version, or a digital copy code for a final consumer market version. Digital preview screeners will not be considered.

The awards take into consideration the totality of a title’s release for both disc and digital formats, so submission of the most-premium disc available as the best representation of a title where appropriate is always recommended.

A mix of formats can be submitted depending on the mix of categories a title is submitted to. This can be discussed with the studio contact and the awards coordinator to assure all requirements are met.

The deadline for submitting entry forms is Friday, February 21, 2020.

Finished-product copies of submitted titles should be sent to:

Awards c/o John Latchem
Media Play News
10452 Sierra Circle
Los Alamitos, CA 90720

Product submissions will be arranged through follow-up correspondence and do not strictly need to be in hand by the paperwork deadline.

Do not send judging copies via messenger. A standard method of shipping through Fed Ex, UPS, USPS, etc., will be sufficient.

You may submit a title to more than one category on this entry form. Please select the categories you wish to enter the titles into. If later you wish to submit the title to an additional category, or would like to submit a different title to one or more categories, please use a new entry form.

You may also submit multiple titles using one form by selecting the multiple option and emailing a spreadsheet or other document listing multiple submissions using only one form, without having to re-type the contact information.

Please read this form carefully. Not all fields are required to be filled out.

Titles will be judged by a blue-ribbon panel and nominees will be offered for a consumer vote in March and April. A selection of winners will be picked by the judges directly.

A Title of the Year, a TV Release of the year and a Blu-ray of the year will be selected by the judges from among all entries in all the disc categories. These are not separate categories for submission. To be considered for these “Best of Show” categories, please submit your title to least one of the disc categories that corresponds to the general “Best of Show” segment (i.e., a TV category for TV Release of the year, an HD category for Best Blu-ray, etc.).

If there is not sufficient interest in sponsorships for an awards event, results will be printed in Media Play News, which will constitute the official announcement of the winners. Trophies will be shipped to the winners provided all entry fees have been paid.

Awards organizers reserve the right to adjust entries based on appropriateness, nominate submitted titles to additional categories, or to create additional categories or cancel categories due to interest level.

If you cannot see the full entry form below, or have additional questions, please contact John Latchem at jlatchem@mediaplaynews.com or 714-485-5047

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Description of Categories:

Best Theatrical Title Release: A movie that played within the past two years in theaters (beyond just a festival run or limited showing for promotional value) and made its debut on home video during the eligibility year. For this category, please also enter the theatrical release date, box office earnings and budget in the fields below.

Best Direct-to-Video/Nontheatrical Movie on Disc: A movie that premiered on TV, a streaming service or a home video sellthrough format during the eligibility year.

Best Catalog Movie Release: An older movie released on home video for the first time or being re-released in a new edition (DVD and Blu-ray versions available). This category is generally not for TV titles or collections of more than one film. If you have a Blu-ray only release of a catalog title, please submit it to the Upgrade category.

Best Title Upgrade: A re-release intended to replace an earlier release, such as a special edition with new content, a Blu-ray version of a previously released DVD, or a boxed set of films that had been released one at a time. The idea is that the Blu-ray or DVD special edition is an upgrade from the earlier disc, usually through a restoration process or new extras. Thus, it is a good incentive for those who already own that disc to upgrade to this new one.

Best Restoration: This category concerns the improvement of picture and sound quality of a film from an earlier version, or repair work done to a film.

Best Packaging: This category is for products that display some sort of innovative box design. This is not a category for regular DVD/BD cases that contain nice box art, but for DVD/Blu-ray cases that are unique to the product being sold. Packaging may also include collectibles within the box.

Best Box Art: This refers to the artwork on the DVD/BD case, in most cases the front cover of a regular DVD/BD case, including lenticular covers.

Best Movie Collection/Boxed Set: This category is for collections of films, either a collector’s edition of a single film, a franchise set, or an anthology of films or other content that is not a TV series set.

Best Complete TV Series Set: A complete collection of a series or a multi-season boxed set. This is for complete series sets that are more than one full season. For those releases (generally 10-30 episodes) please enter into the Current/Contemporary/Vintage Categories.

Best Current Series: A season set of a series with episodes that are from the season concurrent with the contest year, with those episodes making their disc debut in this set. This category is for single-season sets or equivalent volumes (single-disc or complete series of shows that ran only one season or possibly two seasons, and not repackaged from earlier separate season sets). This is a category for shows that are currently on the air or recently ended their run.

Best Vintage Series: A season set of a series with episodes that aired before the eligibility year. This category is for single-season sets or equivalent volumes (single-disc or complete series of shows that ran only one season or possibly two seasons, and not repackaged from earlier separate season sets). Please note, if you are submitting a DVD/BD set for a show that is currently on the air, but the episodes are from several seasons ago, it likely belongs in this category.

Best Miniseries or Limited Series on Disc: A home video of a limited series made for television. This includes anthology series with different settings and characters for each season.

Note: Your TV DVD entry will be eligible for only one of the Complete/Current/Vintage/Movie-Miniseries categories. If you are unsure as to which, please contact jlatchem@mediaplaynews.com

Best Audio/Visual Quality — Movie: A movie presented on Blu-ray Disc

Best Audio/Visual Quality — TV: A Blu-ray Disc of a TV show, miniseries, TV movie or TV special.

Best 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray Disc: This category is for films and TV shows released on the 4K UHD Blu-ray format.

Best 3D Disc Release: This category is specifically for 3D Blu-ray titles, designed to work on 3D-equipped TVs and Blu-ray players. Submissions may include 3D titles distributed through regular consumer channels or special discs available only through bundle purchases.

Best DVD-only Disc Release: A movie or TV show released just on DVD but not on HD disc.

Best Digital-Only Movie and TV Show: A title released for electronic sellthrough (ie download). To be eligible for these categories, titles must have been released only via digital delivery during the eligibility period. This is for final consumer versions of the content, not screeners.

Best Animation Release: A home release of an animated movie, TV program or special, regardless of intended audience.

Best Documentary Movie or Special on Disc: Content that is not fictional in nature, usually a documentary, whether it was shown in theaters, direct-to-video or on TV. This category is not intended for series, though individual, independent entries of a larger series that are released on their own on disc may qualify. Sports highlight films belong in this category. Documentary miniseries belong in this category.

Best Reality/Documentary TV Series: This category is for nonfiction TV series on disc, such as reality shows, variety shows, or ongoing documentary-type shows.

Best Extras/Bonus Material: This category focuses on the bells and whistles of a home video release, and not the movie or TV show at the center of it.

Best Compilation/Themed Release: A collection of content from varying sources, shows or franchises, or a combination of TV and movie content.

Best Kidvid Release: This category is for releases aimed at younger viewers, be it an animated movie, cartoon or sitcom for kids, or an educational video.

Best Sports Release: This category is for releases that contain sports content, such as event broadcasts, highlight videos, athletic exhibitions, etc. of live sporting events. It is not for fictional sports movies (unless the extras contain significant live sports content, such as a game broadcast).

Best Fitness Release: This category is for discs in the workout/fitness genre.

Best Music/Performance Home Release: This category is for live performances, stand-up comedy, variety shows or stage plays, or similar content, on a video disc, such as concert films or collections of music videos.

Best International Film Release: This category is reserved for home releases of foreign-language movies.

Best International TV Show Release: This category is for discs of TV programming produced outside the United States, or in a foreign language, such as telenovelas or anime series.

Best Indie/Small-Budget Film Release: This category is intended for independent distributors whose films are not as widely known as major studio fare. To enter this category, please enter the budgetary data in the space below and any additional information about the film if it was theatrically released. Direct-to-video titles are also eligible for this category.

Best Comedy Release: This category is for films or TV shows in the comedy genre. Stand-up comedy specials and variety shows with comedic content are eligible.

Best Fantasy Release: This category is for films or TV shows in the fantasy genre.

Best Sci-Fi Release: This category is for films or TV shows in the sci-fi genre.

Best Action Release: This category is for films or TV shows in the action genre.

Best Adventure Release: This category is for films or TV shows set in the adventure genre.

Best Drama Release: This category is for films or television shows presenting a dramatic storyline that might not otherwise fit a genre category.

Best Horror Release: This category is for films and TV shows of the Horror genre.

Best Thriller Release: This category is for films and TV shows of scary, psychological or darker content.

Best Faith-Based Title Release: This category is for faith-based or religious themed content, fictional or non-fictional in nature (aka dramatic narratives or documentaries).

Best Musical Home Release: This category is for films and TV shows of musicals — typically filmed narratives containing key scenes that substitute dialogue for song.

Best Home Release of a Western: This category is for films and TV shows of Westerns.

Best Marketing Initiative: This category is for programs to market and create awareness of films or TV shows, or for creative tie-ins.

Note: In general, a film or TV show can only qualify for one genre category.

Some categories are mutually exclusive (i.e., a film cannot be entered into a TV category). If you are uncertain about any of the eligibility guidelines, please contact John Latchem at jlatchem@mediaplaynews.com or 714-485-5047

Title of the Year Categories:

These categories will be chosen by judges from among all eligible submissions.

Title of the Year: This award will be chosen from among all submissions.

Best TV Release of the Year: This award will be chosen from among all submissions that are TV content, whether they are submitted into the specific TV categories or in a general category.

Best Blu-ray: This award will be chosen from among all titles for which a Blu-ray version was submitted, whether they are submitted into the specific high-def categories or in a general category. Titles for which a Blu-ray version exist, but for which only DVD copies were sent for judging, will not be considered.