Average U.S. Streaming Household Now Subscribes to Four SVOD Services

The average U.S. streaming household now stacks an average of four different subscription video services, according to the latest analysis from Ampere Analysis.

In the five largest Western European territories, streaming homes have an average of two services, according to Ampere.

Overall, across Western Europe and the USA, almost 10% of SVOD homes already subscribe to five or more services.

“AVOD, studio-direct streaming launches, the strengthening of local and broadcaster-led streaming, and the turbo-boost that came out of the blue in the form of COVID-19 have brought the industry to a pivot point,” Guy Bisson, research director at Ampere Analysis, said in a statement. “That pivot point will lead to a shift in thinking that will change the way content creators, distributors and content aggregators, platforms and channels think about streaming in the wider TV market. In 2021, compounding is here to stay in every portion of the streaming value chain.”

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