‘Attack on Titan’ Top Binge on TV Time Chart

“Attack on Titan” took the top spot again on TV Time’s binge chart the week ended Feb. 14.

The anime series is based on the manga and is set in a world where humanity lives within cities surrounded by enormous walls that protect them from gigantic man-eating humanoids referred to as Titans.

Taking the bronze behind perennial binge favorite “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” was the new Netflix series “Firefly Lane.” Based on the New York Times bestseller of the same name, “Firefly Lane” follows Tully and Kate, who meet as young girls on Firefly Lane and become inseparable friends throughout 30 years of ups and downs. It stars Katherine Heigl and Sarah Chalke.

Leading the rising show chart was the crime drama “Capitani,” streaming on Netflix. In the series, in a Luxembourg village where everyone is keeping secrets, gruff police inspector Luc Capitani investigates the suspicious death of a 15-year-old girl.

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TV Time is a free TV viewership tracking app that tracks consumers’ viewing habits worldwide and is visited by more than 1 million consumers every day, according to the service. The weekly “Binge Report” ranks shows with the most binge sessions. A binge session is when four or more episodes of a show are watched and tracked in the app in a given day. The “Shows on the Rise” chart is calculated by determining the week-over-week growth in episodes watched for a given program. The network displayed is the network where the show first aired (e.g. “Friends” on NBC).

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Top Binge Shows Week Ended Feb. 14 by Share of Binges:

  1. “Attack on Titan” (NHK) — 2.61%
  2. “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” (NBC) — 2.00%
  3. “Firefly Lane” (Netflix) — 1.56%
  4. “One Piece” (Fuji TV) — 1.51%
  5. “Modern Family” (ABC) — 1.49%
  6. “The Office” (NBC) — 1.44%
  7. “Grey’s Anatomy” (ABC) — 1.44%
  8. “WandaVision” (Disney+) — 1.25%
  9. “Naruto Shippuden” (TV Tokyo) — 1.12%
  10. “How to Get Away With Murder” (ABC) — 1.09%


Top “Shows on the Rise” Week Ended Feb. 14 by Rise Ratio:

  1. “Capitani” (RTL) — 99.4%
  2. “Top Chef” (FR) (M6) — 96.7%
  3. “Wild and Free in Florianopolis” (Amazon) — 90.7%
  4. “Les Reines du shopping” (M6) — 88.3%
  5. “Italia’s Got Talent” (Sky Uno) — 84.7%
  6. “Soulmates” (AMC) — 77.9%
  7. “B Positive” (CBS) — 75.7%
  8. “Good Mythical Morning” (YouTube) — 67.8%
  9. “Bob Hearts Abishola” (CBS) — 66%
  10. “Black Lightning” (The CW) — 60.7%

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