Ampere: Streaming Device, AVOD Use on the Rise

With the ongoing push by ViacomCBS, Fox Entertainment and Roku to further their respective ad-supported VOD platforms Pluto TV, Tubi, and The Roku Channel, new data from Ampere Analysis finds that AVOD has joined SVOD as go-to destinations on streaming devices. Ownership of streaming devices has increased by 18% since the third quarter in 2019, before the pandemic began.

The London-based research firm said devices such as Roku, Amazon Fire TV or Google Chromecast are now in nearly two thirds of U.S. Internet homes and half of U.K. Internet homes.

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These streaming media devices facilitate access to an array of free-to-view and paid video services and are helping to drive adoption of a wider range of streaming products. In the crowded domestic subscription market, AVOD platforms are growing in viewer engagement as users search for low-cost entertainment options to SVOD.

About 34% of domestic internet users have used an AVOD service such as Pluto TV, Tubi and The Roku Channel in the past month, compared with 17% in Q3 2020. Usage is growing particularly quickly among younger consumers. In Q3 2020, only 9% of 18- to 24-year-olds had watched AVOD services, compared with 30% in Q3 2021.

“The growth in AVOD usage partly reflects how expensive the streaming market is becoming,” analyst Minal Modha said in a statement.The fact that younger audiences are now engaging with AVOD will be welcome news for platform owners and will make the services even more attractive to [advertising] brands.”


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