Amazon Updates Prime Video Logo

Amazon has rolled out new logos in support of increased marketing for the Prime Video streaming video platform.

Launched in 2006, Amazon included Amazon Prime Instant Video streaming service as part of the Prime free shipping membership platform. Amazon later dropped “instant” from the service name as over-the-top video became mainstream.

The updated logo reflects Amazon’s desire to narrow the gap with Netflix. A report from Loop Capital found that despite 63% of U.S. households being Prime members, survey respondents still prefer Netflix to Prime Video — a stance that could change with improved programming.

Indeed, respondents said increased offerings of improved movies and TV shows would drive greater viewership of Prime Video.

“The opportunity for Amazon is to develop one or two ‘water cooler talk’ series … which will translate into additional product and service sales [on Amazon],” Loop wrote in an April 10 note as reported by Barrons.

3 thoughts on “Amazon Updates Prime Video Logo”

  1. Thought the logo was an arrow pointing “from A to z”, in addition to a “Smile”.
    Meaning you offer products from a to z.

  2. Prime is my go to place for intelligent programing. Netflix is ok, but you really have to work to find something good to watch. If you want to emulate Netflix, just add more intelligent programming and greater ease of searching and you’ll surpass the competition.

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