Amazon Launches ‘Storefronts’ Small Retailer Platform

Amazon Launches ‘Storefronts’ Small Retailer Platform

Borrowing a page from its Amazon Channels third-party over-the-top video service platform, Amazon Sept. 17 announced the launch of Storefronts – a platform giving Prime members attention to more than 20,000 small and medium-sized retailers selling on Amazon.

While many of these businesses currently participate as Amazon third-party sellers, the Storefronts platform pledges to give them added exposure through national marketing and online videos.

Amazon first began using third-party sellers nearly two decades ago, and today, small and medium-sized businesses. To support the launch of the new store, Amazon is unveiling its first-ever national TV commercial featuring third-party businesses that sell on Amazon.

With more than a million small and medium-sized businesses in the U.S. selling on Amazon, the ad gives consumers a glimpse into a real business on Amazon and how Amazon is actually a ‘big collection of small’ businesses. The spot shows how Amazon helps businesses get their products to customers all over the world.

“Since we started selling on Amazon in October 2016, our sales have nearly doubled,” said Holly Rutt, co-founder of Little Flower Soap Co., the Chelsea, Michigan business owner featured in the national TV ad.

“Due to our success, we have been able to hire new team members from our community, including full and part time jobs. We believe that customers like to know the story behind what they’re buying. When there is worry about creating jobs, it’s reassuring for customers to know their purchases are helping sustain jobs in the U.S.,” Rutt said.

Earlier this year, Amazon said small and medium-sized businesses selling on the ecommerce platform are estimated to have created more than 900,000 jobs worldwide. In 2017, more than 300,000 U.S.-based small and medium-sized businesses started selling on Amazon.

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