All Seasons of ‘Seaside Hotel’ Streaming on PBS Masterpiece Prime Video Channel

All eight seasons (40 episodes) of the Danish TV series “Seaside Hotel” are becoming available to stream on the PBS Masterpiece Prime Video Channel in September, with season eight debuting Sept. 17.

The subscription rate for the PBS Masterpiece Prime Video Channel is $5.99 per month with an Amazon Prime or Prime Video subscription.

Fondly known as “Danish Downton-by-the-sea,” the series follows the drama of the guests and employees of a seaside hotel. “Downton Abbey” meets “Agatha Christie” in this sleeper hit that began its first season in 2013, set in 1920s Denmark. Seasons one through five each follow a summer hotel season in the years 1928 though 1932. Seasons six through eight each follow a summer season in the years 1939 through 1941.

In the series, when an 18-year-old girl from a working-class family starts work at this rural beach hotel, her father warns her not to fraternize with the bourgeois guests, but as secrets about each guest begin to unravel, the seemingly idyllic rural life is much more dramatic than Fie expected. The hotel owner is immediately charmed by her good looks and quickly promotes her to chambermaid, which causes shockwaves through the normally strictly conventional hotel. The owner’s wife is wary, the other maids are jealous and the local young farmer is intrigued by this pretty new addition to his client’s staff. As the annual visitors settle into their rooms, Fie begins to learn about old habits and new secrets, as their chambermaid unwittingly becomes party to betrayal, murder and unexpected desires.

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When the seaside hotel opens its doors in season eight, the year is 1941 and WWII becomes harder to dismiss from everyone’s mind. A life with rationing marks, scarcity of goods and German soldiers in the street has long since become commonplace. The Germans have moved closer and have now taken over the neighboring hotels only 1 kilometer from the beach hotel. However, this does not stop the spa hotel’s regulars from packing their suitcases and checking in as usual.

24 thoughts on “All Seasons of ‘Seaside Hotel’ Streaming on PBS Masterpiece Prime Video Channel”

        1. If you subscribe to PBS Masterpiece through Amazon Prime, you can see all seasons of Seaside Hotel. Only three are on PBS streaming site.

          1. Not so! I have belonged to PBS Passport for 3 years. I have the special channel for it too. But though series 7 and 8 are listed
            It says on the screen, “not available”! Why???

    1. It is March 4 and we have watched all eight seasons on PBS Passport and are waiting for season nine to be on passport. Does anyone know when season nine will be on Passport?

    1. Only the first three seasons are available on PBS. Amazon has taken over PBS’ Masterpiece and turned it into a $5.99/month “add on” channel to your Amazon Prime subscription. I wonder if this is foolish of PBS to do, in terms of lost revenue from users who formerly donated to PBS to watch Masterpiece shows, but perhaps the deal includes Amazon giving PBS steady revenue? Who knows. I’d rather support PBS for all my Masterpiece content but it seems we no longer have that choice.

  1. You have to subscribe to the Masterpiece streaming app through Amazon for $5.99 per month for seasons 4-8. Worth it for our dear Danish show!

    1. I watched all 8 on Masterpiece PBS but I’m worried now about the new ones I don’t have Prime video. And I get tired of having another monthly fee every time I see a show I want.

      1. You could wait until all episodes of season 9 have been shown and then sign up for the PBS extra subscription. Binge watch season nine in one month and then cancel the subscription. This way you get the whole season for only $5.99

  2. I, too have been able to watch Season’s 1-8 on Prime. I’m anxiously awaiting to see Season 9 of this great Danish Series. I love great international programs even it means reading subtitles in English! I love international shows ..whether mysteries, thrillers, comedies or documentaries. In this Danish program, I’ve enjoyed a little bit of everything! I’d love to see the series go on for a much longer time but more & more characters are leaving. I just read where someone posted Season 9 started just this week then I’m sure we’ll have it in a month or two. The USA may be delayed a bit in their programs. Thanks for making this type of television entertainment available. I detest reality tv & there’s just nothing really worth watching these days…regardless of the many programs, channels & costs. This is why I truly enjoy programs like the Seaside Hotel! 😁

    1. PBS had a problem about that time and it has been fixed. You should be able to watch through Season 8 with Passport. Call customer support if you still don’t see then

  3. Seaside Hotel and the Danish resistance under Nazi subordination is timely and relevant in these dark times when heavy handed totalitarian regimes threaten freedoms world wide. I think there is a level of support of WGBH which lets you see all of seasons 1-8 of Seaside Hotel on PBS Passport. Cannot wait until those gifted translators of this gift of a show can help bring us season 9 in Boston!

  4. I am in Los Angeles and am a PBS Passport member. I just finished watching Season 8 on PBS Socal. Anxiously waiting for Season 9. I was an exchange student in Denmark and this show brought back so many memories: the sound of the language, the Danish humor, the architecture, the FOOD!

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