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2021 OTT.X Impact Awards

The winners of the 2021 OTT.X Impact Awards were honored Dec. 7 at a ceremony at the IPIC Theatres Tuck Room Tavern in Westwood, Calif. OTT.X created the awards show to celebrate the content creators and organizations using their art and technology to inspire positive action and promote acceptance of, and equality for, all people. Echoing and furthering the organization’s mission was the highlight speaker of the night — David Lenga, a 94-year old Holocaust survivor and the inspiration behind Here Media’s award winning No Goodbyes. Lenga shared his harrowing tale of survival and perseverance with the audience and emphasized the importance of taking action against inequalities and injustices.

The 2021 Impact Award winners were:

  • No Goodbyes (Here Media) — Impactful Short Title
  • “Dime Quien Soy” (NBCUniversal) — Impactful Series
  • Best Summer Ever (Freestyle Digital Media) — Impactful Full-Length Feature, Fiction
  • Vice Versa CHYNA (VICE/Rock Salt Releasing) — Impactful Full-Length Feature, Non-Fiction
  • SpherexGreenlight (Spherex) — Impactful Technology Innovation
  • Google TV Watch With Me (Google) — Impactful Technology Innovation

(Photos by Alondra Gutierrez)

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