1091 Pictures Acquires Doc ‘Mind Traveler’

1091 Pictures, a Chicken Soup for the Soul Entertainment company, has acquired worldwide rights to Greg Mallozzi’s documentary Mind Traveler.

The documentary, which will be coming to digital platforms in spring 2023, explores the idea that some of the premises of government experiments similar to those in Netflix’s “Stranger Things” are real.

The documentary focuses on parapsychologist Andrija Puharich. After learning about the CIA’s interest in psychic phenomena, Puharich creates a study to prove his theory that children can be the greatest psychics in the world. He seeks out like-minded kids from around the world, near-death and UFO experiencers and channelers. Quickly the teens prove their psychic potential traversing space and time. Their every move is studied at a secretive lab whose very walls amplify their natural psychic powers, turning them into superhuman spies. 

Mind Traveler features exclusive first-time interviews with the study participants and access to Puharich’s archive, which includes home movies, recordings of remote viewing sessions, personal photographs and hand-written journal entries. 

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“This is a story I’ve been researching and trying to bring to life for over a decade,” director Greg Mallozzi said in a statement. “I’ve always believed Puharich to be one of the most fascinating yet relatively unknown figures of the 20th century. I’m excited for the world to finally learn about him and his story. I could not be more thrilled that 1091 Pictures took the leap to join me on finishing this journey.” 

After the success of The Phenomenon, 1091 Pictures put a premium on UFO and supernatural documentaries, according to the studio. In May 2020, the company launched Unidentified, a linear streaming channel that features programming on paranormal and alien-related themes.

One thought on “1091 Pictures Acquires Doc ‘Mind Traveler’”

  1. Pucharich was a fascinating character, probably the godfather of the “New Age” movement, and vastly unacknowledged for his contributions to America’s security during the Cold War! He experimented aggressively with things like psilocybin, telepathy and a radio receiver that fit in a tooth, which conducted messages to the ear through the jaw bone! Such a radically far-out thinker should make good fodder for a documentary, it’s time people realized that the government has been investing in psi-ops warfare projects since the 1950’s!

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